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Personal Lines Products

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     With a wide variety of insurance carriers Durante Insurance and Financial Services can help you find the right coverage for your personal needs.  Proper coverage is not always just about higher limits, its about determining the cost versus coverage needs of each individual person.


     Many people do not realize just how important home owners insurance can be. While most people know it protects them from fire and theft in their home, many do not know that it also covers food and lodging if you are not able to live in your home due certain types of loss.  It also protects you from many law suites both related to your home property as well as some activities of daily life.  We represent more than a dozen home insurance carriers and can find the right coverage for you.


    Renters insurance is a crucial part of your personal protection if you do not own your home.  These policies not only protect your things from fire and theft, but a renters policy will help pay for room and board if place you live becomes uninhabitable.  It also protects you from law suites that arise from injury on property and from a landlord who may look for damages to the living space.  These are not just for people who live in apartments, anyone who rents their home can protect themselves with a renter insurance policy.


     For our landlords and property investors we have a large selection of specialty products for long term investment rental properties to short term buy and flip.  We can cover all level of remodel or repair and utilize special products based on the needs of our client to make sure they are covered from initial purchase through the life of the property under their ownership.


     In today's litigious world it is crucial to make sure you are properly covered in the event of a direct law suite.  Personal umbrellas increase the limits of protection from your home and auto liability policies to keep lawyers away from your personal assets and dealing with insurance instead.


     Health insurance is one of our key coverage focuses.  Medical bills can cripple a family and the stress of paying for a loved ones medical needs should never be a factor in helping family members recover.  We work closely with our health clients to help them with claims when they need it and just as important we work with every health insurance carrier to be able to provide our clients with every option both in the traditional marketplace as well as in the ACA marketplace.


    Life insurance is too often overlooked as being too expensive or something people just do not want to talk about.  But the truth of the matter is we will all pass at some point and life insurance is how we make sure our family is provided for when we are not longer there to do it our self.  We use many strategies for our client's protection as well as working with almost every life insurance company in the world.  Form creating legacy accounts to simply paying off final medical bills we can assist with whatever level of need you may have.



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