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Why Choose Durante Insurance?

Personal touch

While the online insurance companies make it easy to get a quote and sign up for insurance, the real test starts when you need to reach a person with a question or a claim. Navigating the automated phone system or being put on hold for far too long can be frustrating, especially when you need a prompt response.

At Durante Insurance, if you call during business hours, you will talk to an agent or account representative who is familiar with your coverage and can answer your questions promptly and honestly. When you sign up for coverage, you’ll also be connected with an agent who you can email or call with questions or concerns.

Find the best insurance for you

Too often when you get a quote the insurance company or agent, is trying to fit you into one of their insurance coverage plans. This often leads you to choose based on price, not on finding the right plan for your needs. As an independent insurance broker, we represent dozens of the best insurance companies in the industry; we can select plans from each that match your goals, needs, and budget, to ensure you are receiving the best value year after year.

One stop shopping for all your insurance needs

When people talk about insurance, they are often talking about auto and home insurance; after all, these are the most common insurances for individuals. But there are a variety of other insurances you may need based on your life stage: renters, flood, lifehealth, and business.

As a local insurance broker with national access, we help you streamline the insurance shopping and management process. We’ll help you find the best coverage for each plan you need, selecting from the top national insurance companies. Our knowledgeable staff will look at coverage & rates — as well as the company’s reputation for claims service — to make sure you are receiving the best value from your policy. Plus, instead of keeping track of multiple plans and account information from several different companies, you can just contact us with your questions or concerns.

We are your advocate

Finding insurance coverage can be a hassle; it’s no wonder many individuals don’t update or evaluate their coverage.  Our team will frequently evaluate your policies to make sure you are getting the best value; if we see room for improvement, we will make a recommendation. We also help you through updating coverage based on life changes, including buying a new house, getting married, starting a business, or adding a driver to your auto policy.

Dealing with insurance companies can be a real headache. Checking on a claim, filing paperwork, and updating payment information can be a stressful journey through the automated prompts or finding the right page on the website. But when you work with a local insurance broker, our staff can help you through all this. We deal with these companies on a daily basis, so we’ve gained valuable experience and insights into how to get things done. Simply contact us with your issue and we’ll take it from there, working with the insurance company until the problem is resolved.

Local business with local mindset

As a locally-owned small business with offices in Las Vegas & Henderson, we are invested in the Las Vegas Valley community. Our team of brokers and customer service agents are your neighbors, friends, and family. As a local small business, we understand the concerns and challenges facing other small business owners; our commercial insurance offerings are done with the business owner in mind.

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