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Personal Lines products


     We understand the importance of having several layers of protection for all occasions and as such we are one of the few insurance agencies with warranty division and agents dedicated to helping you obtain both home and auto warranties to help cover life's little breakdowns instead of letting them empty your bank account on repair bills.


     Dead battery, flat tire, or any other breakdown from minor to major is covered under one of our stand alone road side assistance plans.  With nationwide sign and drive coverage these plans will get you back on the fast lane to life.


     In our experience most American families feel like they are out of touch with the legal system.  The cost of a lawyer can be crippling making it impossible for many people to get legal council when they need it most.  We feel this is a disservice to our clients and offer a legal plan with a cost of pennies a day that give the average family access to a legal expert for questions, document review, wills and trusts as well as civil defense all either at a reduced price or in many cases completely included in the small monthly premium.  Having the peace that comes along with knowing you can get legal advice at any time and for no additional cost is a gift to the entire family.


     Durante Insurance and Financial works directly with a tax firm with over 50 years experience in both commercial and personal taxes.  We offer consulting as well as tax preparation.

Commercial Lines Products


     For our commercial clients we offer a merchant brokerage along side our insurance and tax services.  With a backing of nearly 50 banks world wide we can service almost any client's merchant service needs.


     As an insurance Broker dealing heavily with auto dealerships we also help broker several different VSC,  warranty and GAP programs. We can tailor programs to your dealership or find you a best fit with an existing company.  Many of our dealers benefit from custom built VCS options designed to fit the needs of the specific dealers and their clients.


     As an extension to our VSC and GAP programs we can also assist dealerships with holding the premium dollars they collect for these programs in exclusive reinsurance programs where the dealer take on some of the responsibility but stand to make an exceedingly increased profit from the sale of VSC and GAP.


     Durante Insurance and Financial Services deals extensively with combat sports both amateur, and professional.  We also have a variety of programs specialty tailored for martial arts schools in addition to our MMA programs.  We can offer medical and liability for any size competition, tournament or exhibition.


     Durante Insurance is a leader in insuring property managers and their clients both owners and renter.  In addition to our standard programs we offer a specialty product for forced place tenant liability policies that integrates directly with the property manager's software and allows them to add coverage in the event the tenant does not secure their own.  Unlike many similar products ours also offers limited contents coverage for the renter in addition to the typical liability.


     As agents of a commercial lending brokerage Durante Insurance and Financial is able to support our commercial clients with many different loan options from expansion capitol, to consolidation, property purchase and revolving credit lines for both businesses and property developers and investors alike.


     With our partnerships through may payroll companies and PEO work comp carriers we can also offer payroll services directly to our business clients.

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