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Event Insurance Discount

UMMAF sanctioned events can now enjoy discounted event rates for Medical and General Liability Insurance coverage offered through Durante Insurance and Financial Services. Simply click the application link provided and fill out the required information.

This online form is programmed to fill out all required state minimums as required by law so you can be sure your that your event is properly insured!

  • Discounted rates for UMMAF sanctioned events!

  • No minimum bout requirements! Whether you have 6 or 16 bouts, it doesn’t matter!  You pay per bout!

  • Adjustability!  Did you lose a bout due to injury or a fighter pulling out? No worries! Notify our agent 4 hours before the start of your event by email at to notify us and you will be refunded for that particular fight after confirmation from the UMMAF Event Representative onsite, saving you money

For Pro and Pro/Am events please call 702-478-4663.  Discount rates apply however applications must be taken live.

Life Raft Accident and Hospitalization Plan

UMMAF members may purchase a supplemental accident policy offered through Life Raft offering hospital accident indemnity coverage for injury sustain in or out of the ring.  This policy is a great supplement to your current health insurance or a good safety net if you do not currently have health insurance.


Members of UMMAF receive a special monthly rate with Legal Shield providing them with a lawyer on retainer.  Benefits include free wills, document review, demand letter writing, traffic violation representation, contract review and many other free service.  In addition the member receives a discounted rate for all additional legal services not covered under the basic plan benefits.  Price will vary by state however UMMAF members receive a special group rate.  For more details contact the UMMAF insurance representative.

- All benefits provided through Durante Insurance and Financial Services


Member gyms will receive a discounted premium to all sporting event policies and to gym liability and property policies.  Discount for qualified members is 20% off the normal annual gym insurance premium while non-qualified members will still receive a 5% discount for gym liability policies.  For more information contact the UMMAF insurance representative.

- Qualified status is based on specific underwriting guidelines and must be determined at time of application

- All benefits provided through Durante Insurance and Financial Services 

Not online savvy? Don’t worry – we get it.

Christian Durante

Senior Commercial Agent 
Durante Insurance & Financial Services

For questions or assistance please call, Christian Durante (702)-478-4663

DISCLAIMER: UMMAF/ KICK International has no financial interest in this program. It is solely for the benefit of promoters that choose UMMAF sanctioning for their events!

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