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Contact us today for all business insurance needs 702.366.0160




     Service vehicles, fleets, trucking or just a car for picking up supplies; we can cover any type of commercial auto needs our business owners may have.


     We love small mom and pop businesses and we know that the independent and family businesses have a lot of demands on their money already, so we do our best to review coverage and make sure you have just what you need.  For larger multi state and international clients we focus heavily on liability protection.  There is no business too big or too small for our dedicated agents to work with.


     high risk operations require more coverage than the average small business.  We can easily place any size umbrella or excess liability coverage on your business to protect you from law suite and loss



     Protecting your employees is an important part of owning a business.  We do not just provide work comp policies, instead we review your employee structure, and determine the actual status of independent contractors, employees and volunteers to make sure the policy fits the business.


     Contractors, Probate, Court, ERISA, performance, licensing, parcel sub-division or any other kind of bond imaginable can easily be obtained through our network of bond carriers and our relationships with each one.


     Whether you are more used to hearing it called Errors and Omissions, Medical Malpractice or Directors and Officers we handle all types of professional liability risks and have products to fit any size and any occupation.


     We offer a wide range of group benefits from the traditional health and life to the less common legal protection.  We can help you build a full benefits package for your employees.


     Form backyard parties to full blown conventions we are well versed in the needs of event planners, social and business events as well as sporting events.  We have unique markets for MMA and other combat sports but we are just as happy to help insure your kids birthday party.


     Asbestos, liquid full or nuclear waste we can cover it all.  Make sure your business operation dealing with hazardous materials is properly covered for pollution clean up.


     Key man and buy sell agreements help protect your business from loss of a partner or from loss of a key employee.  We understand the importance of protecting the operation of the business not just the assets and offer many options for business related life insurance including group policies for employees.

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