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Lee Burg

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Lee Burg

  LEE MARC BURG was born in Manhattan to two parents, one of each kind; a conservative and a liberal.  He attended the McBurney School, a Premier New York City Prep School on the Upper West Side, where he was the last and considered foremost prodigy of English teacher Walter Liggett; one of Mr. Liggett's former student's being JD Salinger. Today, the McBurney School only exists in literature, in The Catcher in the Rye.

   With a zest for politics in the realm of the immediate post Vietnam era, Lee went on to Boston University primarily with the intent to study directly under the tutorial of the then foremost political Science Professor,

Howard Zinn. His directed study was the Pentagon Papers.  He lived in Myles Standish Hall, foreboding the loud music directly above from Communications major Howard Stern, and two doors away from his

eight floor neighbor Bill O'Reilly. Lee Marc Burg then completed his four year B.A. Degree in Political Science

in three (3) years. 

   Continuing his embellishment for the political spectrum, he now entered the Political Arena as a congressional Aide to Congresswoman Bella Abzug, the premier and distinguished woman's rights activist at the time.

In Washington Heights, New York city, he ran the Constituency office for Ms Abzug for the 20th Congressional district covering virtually all of Manhattan, from its lower part to Inwood, while attending Community meetings on her behalf with the Deputy Mayor, State Senator Franz Leichter, and Assemblyman Ed Lehner.

This also included the planning of Operation Sail, inviting all ships from Europe to come to America and sail down the Hudson celebrating the Nation's Bi-Centennial. While she was in Washington, DC, his duties included calls and conversations with the then Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill, discussing pertinent political concerns.

Ms Abzug would go on to give up her Congressional seat in her attempt to run for New York City Mayor and become Mayor of the World's most renowned city, just 50 years after Susan B. Anthony and Woman's Suffrage.

   Giving up on politics after Bella's political defeat, with her blessing and recommendation, he sought to escape the weathers of the East Coast and went on to attend Law School at the University of San Diego, where he completed his JD in just two and a half years.  Attending the same school as future Chicago Cubs General Manager Theo Epstein, Mr. Burg, with classmates like Bob Bavasi, son of the acclaimed Angels' General Manager, Buzz Bavasi, developed a keen interest in the new analog of "Sports & Entertainment Law."

Mr. Burg went back to New York City to attend the pioneer course of Sports 7 Entertainment Law taught by Marty Blackman, who then represented many New York Football Giants, and Martin Silfen, who was representing up and coming star Debbie Harry, later to be known as Blondie.  Back in New York city, Mr. Burg worked with Frydman & Glassman, where he met his first noteworthy client, Jorge Velasquez, who won the Kentucky Derby aboard Pleasant Colony.

   One of the many real life attorneys used as a prototype to establish the fictional character "Jerry Maguire," Mr. Burg went with his one client Jorge Velasquez, and establish his long term firm in Philadelphia in 1989;

that practice still exists, and he has represented numerous high profile individuals over the years.

Today, he feels his biggest claim to fame was being in House Counsel to Crown Boxing, during which stent he did virtually every facet involved with bringing WBF Champion Francois Botha to Las Vegas from South Africa to face Evander Holyfieild, in the latter's final Title fight Championship.

   One of the turning points in Mr. Burg's life was September 11, 2001, during which he represented cases before the EPA in downtown NYC on both September 10th, and September 11th, 2001. it made a lifelong impact, and a grave concern about people having insurance to provide for final arrangement for what is eminent to us all.

   Today, while still practicing Law, Mr. Burg served on the staff of American Income Life, Colonial Life, and Transamerica, as a licensed Resident Producer, IS currently OF COUNSEL to a NEVADA LAW FIRM,
and is now proud to join the DUARANTE AGENCY to insure his clients the best insurance coverage and at the the same time, the personal attention a Family Firm can offer the individual or business.

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