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Jarl “JJ” Kongsrud

Jarl "JJ" Kongsrud - Agent

JJ Is a savvy businessman, who is a licensed insurance field producer for Durante Insurance & Financial Services.  JJ embraces the concept of hard work and customer service as a key part of his success. A favorite part of what JJ dose is helping people that have financial troubles and show them how to improve their credit and insurance scores. He was Born in Denmark and grew up in Norway. His education is in Mechanical engineering. However that is just one of the many thing that this man does. JJ currently holds a commercial pilot license and flew as a pilot for CAP search and rescue for 10 years. When he is not working he likes to ride his Harley, “Like I Stole it.” or he is training MMA. As a second degree black belt in Jee Do Kwan he is a National and European Tae Kwon Do Champion. JJ has been married to his wife for 20+ years with four children.

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